About Us

Think Tank Louisville is proud to be a full service marketing agency that embraces the idea of being small on purpose. We keep our client portfolio small andprovide each of our clients with top notch services that are personal, valuable, and results-driven.Want to learn more about opportunities to partner with Think Tank Louisville? Click here to email the President, Randy Blevins (that’s how accessible he is!).

Founded in 2011, Think Tank Louisville began as a social media marketing firm. An early adopter from the beginning, Randy saw that the future of marketing and media was going to be social. “Social media for business was an emerging field and an economical way to reach customers with smart content marketing. But business owners were lacking certain skills and the time commitment to use social media effectively,” says Randy.

He built an early reputation working with big names likeChef John Varanese & Chef Edward Lee, as well as small businesses like Heat Yoga & Wellness and Blades Salon & Spa. Some of those early clients are still with us today.

“I realized quickly that the early social media channels were great tools to bring awareness to businesses and get customers through the door, but it was taking several months of consistent posts and messages to develop that audience. If small businesses were going to pay us, we had to get customers through the door more quickly. So I drew upon my arts marketing background to help with customized direct mail, email, and traditional advertising campaigns. With that move, I realized that clients were struggling with other services like graphics, web site strategies, event planning, public relations — all skills that we possessed but were not offering. The business organically evolved to help in these areas as we perceived the needs,” says Randy.

Within a year, Randy was poised to make his first hire – a part-time marketing assistant who has since evolved with the company into a full-time marketing associate, Wesley Fairman. Together, Randy and Wesley were able to expand Think Tank’s suite of services to include so much more than social.

Recently, we expanded again to include another employee: Sarah Clark. Sarah is on-the-go, visiting our clients in person and getting the real time content that sets our marketing strategies apart from the competition. As a result, our services – both social and traditional – are more robust than ever!

Now we’re poised to provide the best in brand translation for our clients. We pride ourselves in our commitment to helping locally-owned businesses, arts organizations, and nonprofits achieve greater success and expanded awareness. So what really sets Think Tank apart?

“We customize our services to the needs and budgets of our clients. More importantly we make ourselves available, nearly 24/7 (nearly). When you work with a smaller agency like ours, we are able to turn on a dime and shift directions when needed, making us better able to to nimbly navigate the landscape than some larger companies who have layers of people and procedures.”
You can learn more about our scalable suite of services by clicking here! In the meantime, we’ll be here, embracing new tools and technologies as they come along, learning from experience and the innovations of others, and developing new techniques to surprise and delight the public, all in the interest of partnering with incredible business owners and promoting the city we call Home.

Think Tank Louisville is a small business, so we understand that sometimes hiring professional help for your marketing seems out of reach. However, successful marketing takes more than time you probably don’t have. It takes industry connections, brand translation skills, an understanding of the community, and strong instincts to manage a modern brand campaign.

Professionals in marketing have the experience to craft memorable messages in a fraction of the time it would take the typical business owner. Quit staring at that blank page or blinking cursor, wondering how to interest your audience, and get back to what you love — running your business!

Marketing professionals also have the experience to leverage your advertising dollars so that you get more bang for your buck. Don’t waste another dollar on an inexpertly designed and executed Facebook, web, or print ads, when there are magical fairies out there who can make your small advertising budget generate big results.

Truly outstanding marketing professionals can do even more for you. Let them use the media connections they’ve been building for years to help you access opportunities you may have missed, develop partnerships you might not have expected, and expose your brand to new audiences.

Sold on the idea of using a marketing firm to manage your brand’s advertising and promotions? Here’s the part where we tell you why you should work with Think Tank.

Think Tank Louisville is a brand translation and marketing company that’s committed to the model of being small on purpose. You’ll never have to go through multiple layers of people to reach our leadership. You can call our President, Randy Blevins, right now if you want to: (502) 897-0649. Your social media content creator, Wesley, is never more than an email, text, or phone call away, and a member of our team will be on hand to cover your special events, product launches, and that special employee birthday celebration! When you partner with Think Tank, you’re partnering with a team that cares about your success, your problems, and your business.

We want to be the marketing division of your business. Our clients trust us to do good work, and that gives them the time and freedom to expand their services, revamp their menus, and turn their ideas into realities. That’s one reason we offer scalable solutions for businesses and nonprofits. You don’t need a $10,000 a month advertising budget to work with Think Tank – we’ll create a service package that you can afford and we know you’ll get more bang for your advertising buck than ever before.

It bums us out to learn how many people get left out of promotions because they simply don’t have the time to follow up on their advertising spends and media partnerships. Here at Think Tank we think that all of your advertising partners should be working as hard as you do, so we strive to make sure that you’re getting the most exposure for your dollar. No one puts a Think Tank baby in the corner.

Here at Think Tank, we know that the digital marketing landscape simply can’t be ignored, and we pride ourselves on being early adopters of new technology, platforms, and media. Let us help you take the conversation to your audience, and engage them in a real dialogue. There’s nothing we love more than surprising and delighting your audience with a special shout out, quick response, or positive solution. Monitoring your social channels, reviews, and public image is a huge part of our daily routine.
Want to learn more about us as a company? We’re blushing. Contact us today!