At Think Tank, we believe a good marketing strategy is one that is comprehensive — all the tools working together to create a consistent and penetrating message to current and potential customers. We also understand that small businesses can’t always start with a robust marketing budget. That’s why we customize our plan to fit your business so we can grow our services as you grow your bottom line. Contact us today to get started.


  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

    Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

    What customers should I target? How much should I spend on advertising? How will I know if what I’m doing is working? Before we design one page, post one tweet, or make one phone call on your behalf, Think Tank will take the time to learn about your business, your goals and your needs — even if you might not readily know what those are. Through our process, we will understand your target market, the competitive landscape, and how your business can best be positioned in the marketplace. This can be formal, working with one of our market research partners, or as casual as a one-on-one conversation with us. No matter what services you choose from our extensive range of talents, we will drive results because we are a part of your business and care about your success!

  • Social Media Marketing Management

    Social Media Marketing Management

    Social media is an effective and inexpensive way to generate leads and bring customers to your door. In the right hands, social media can strengthen your reputation as a business and endear your products or services to the consumer. It also requires constant attention and consistent dynamic content. Social media is our sweet spot. Let us take a look at your online presence and recommend the best social channels to reach your audience. Then we can determine a content strategy that suits your goals and your personality. Don’t have time to keep up with all those posts, tweets, and pins? We can manage the day to day, developing content relevant to your business, customized to your target audience, and, well, loads of fun for maximum engagement. We’ll also monitor interactions with your audience and track results so you can get back to doing what you do best — running your business!

  • Targeted Social Media Advertising

    Targeted Social Media Advertising

    72% of all adults are on some form of social media, including your customers. Compared to radio, television, or print advertising, the amount of money needed to make an impact is drastically lower. Plus most social media channels have become very sophisticated in the ways businesses can target their potential customers. Delving into demographics, firing pixels, and custom audiences can be a bit overwhelming for small business owners. Think Tank can plan your social media advertising campaigns from start to finish. We’ll recommend the right budgets, test to find the most effective ads, and analyze the results — all while working seamlessly with your existing social media content.

  • Web Site Development and Content Marketing

    Web Site Development and Content Marketing

    If social media is the conversation, then your web site is the calling card. This is your hub — where all the information about your company lives. No more do people “surf” the web. A new visitor is coming to your web site for a reason and will spend about 5 seconds determining if he or she can find information quickly and easily. If the information is not organized or up to date, you can lose that visitor in an instant. Whether you’re looking to design a new site or punch up the content, we can help.

  • Traditional Advertising

    Traditional Advertising

    While social media can provide an inexpensive way to communicate your message, TV, Radio and Print are alive and well in Louisville. Think Tank will work with our sales representatives to produce the perfect ad, commercial, and message that will cut through the clutter. Let us increase your exposure even more, and get maximum value for your dollars spent.

  • Partnerships and Promotions

    Partnerships and Promotions

    Speaking of increased exposure, Think Tank has developed many exciting relationships around the community, not only in the media, but with other businesses. We can help facilitate partnerships and promotions between your business and other prominent organizations to develop positive public awareness.

  • Special Events

    Special Events

    Sometimes during the course of our work together, we may determine that a celebration is in order. Although, we do not provide stand-alone event planning services, Think Tank provides leadership in planning and executing events crucial to the success of our strategic marketing plan.

  • Press and Media Relations

    Press and Media Relations

    Scoring some interesting stories about your brand can be a powerful way to put your product or service in front of the right audience. After all, we know that people trust respected news outlets and word of mouth recommendations more than any other marketing message. Think Tank has important relationships with the local media and blogger communities, and we’re able to get your message out to those reporters and personalities waiting to tell your story.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    The reports of the death of email are highly exaggerated. A customer that gives you their email address wants to hear from you. Direct communication with customers via email lead to higher sales conversion rates, better communication of events, and lasting relationships. It’s one of the most trackable forms of communication and it’s so easy to segment your messages based on what your customers want to learn. Think Tank can help you start or improve your email communications, while growing your database.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    In today’s digital marketing landscape, printed materials can stand out. We offer graphic design support to all of our clients. If we recommend a particular publication, online banner campaign, or outdoor opportunity, we won’t leave you in the lurch to develop your own artwork. Plus, it’s handy to have someone who knows the difference between a raster image and a vector image. You never know when you’ll need to send a quick ad, banner, or business card to print. We also love creating customized digital graphics to surprise and delight your customers.

Our Think Truths

  • Think Truth:

    Our process is rooted deeply in design — not only in how it looks, but also how it works. We collaborate with our clients and strategic partners to define success and create specific deliverables to meet prioritized goals. No cookie-cutter approaches here.

  • Think Truth:

    Content development and management is all about timing and reach to connect with target audiences. Each connection will be rooted in purpose and relevance for that particular audience.

  • Think Truth:

    Regardless of the project scope, our content strategies are designed with consistency as a priority. We achieve this consistency through fresh messaging, multiple touch points, and reliable execution .

  • Think Truth:

    Our promise to every client is that we will get to know your business and your industry to become the voice of your product or service. You can rest assured knowing that an experienced team of professionals is taking a personal interest in your work.