The Arts

Arts managers are faced with intense pressure to “just do something” when it comes to selling tickets. But defining the audience and their needs is core to filling the house night after night. ThinkTank has successfully helped dozens of national and local organizations meet their audience’s needs and connect with them on an emotional level, building loyalty, and excitement for the brand.

Services include: Subscription/ticket Sales Strategies, fundraising/charity strategies, content development for digital media, including behind-the-scenes videos, cast featurettes, Social Media listening and engagement, contests, as well as promotional and partnership opportunities.


Hospitality and Restaurants

Competition is fierce in the restaurant industry, and word-of-mouth reputation is vital to your survival. ThinkTank’s strategic network of influencers and experience in building momentum for restaurants has helped owners rise above the noise and gain the all-important market buzz.

Services include: Content and brand development for digital media, on location photo shoots and video, loyalty programs, email cultivation and campaign strategies, online review monitoring, targeted advertising strategies, social media content and monitoring, event creation and management, charitable giving management, local press and media relations.


Agency Partnerships

“Work smarter, not harder.” Let’s face it, agencies are here to fill in the gaps for clients so they can focus on what they do best in their business. The same holds true for the agencies themselves. Let ThinkTank make you strong where you may be weak. We are at our best when we are able to support the success of our colleagues and partners.

Services include: White label digital content creation for agency clients, Social Media strategies and execution for agency branding, press and media relations, event logistics support, traditional advertising and marketing support.

Local Businesses & Non-Profits

Local businesses have special needs when it comes to acquiring customers. A strategic mix of digital savvy, content marketing, events, and local PR make a big difference when you’re looking to hit your sales targets. ThinkTank has a vast network of local resources and creative solutions to help our Louisville clients put their best foot forward.

Services include: Valuable PR partnerships, in-store promotions, and Events, video testimonials, loyalty programs, social media content development and monitoring, staff features, email newsletters, online promotions, web site assessments.